Here at Norco Realty Group, a local team of top producing Norco Realtors, we focus on providing the best services, programs, and opportunities for our clients. Finding a loan for your Norco Home purchase or surrounding area can be stressful. But, here at Norco Realty Group, we have teamed with one of the best lending teams around, Home Financing Inc.

Home Financing Inc. was founded by Jeffrey Melo in 2007. To understand what makes Home Financing different from other lenders, it is important to understand why Home Financing was created as well as understanding its Founder and Associate Broker.

Jeffrey Melo – Owner/Operator

Jeffrey Melo graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Psychology and later received a MBA fro the University of Illinois. He spent much of his career at Procter and Gamble in marketing and finance. After leaving Procter and Gamble, he served as a partner for a large advertising agency. In 2006, Mr. Melo Purchased a home in Southern California and was astounded by the inherent dysfunction of the mortgage process. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Melo saw the opportunity to “create a better mouse trap” by starting a firm that could provide the most competitive mortgage products while attracting top talent to a company founded on customer service, honesty and respect for their clients. Jeffrey Melo continues to be the Owner/Operator of Home Financing on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that the principles on which it was founded are met ever day for both its business partners and clients.

Home Financing Inc. has grown its revenue by double digits every year since 2007, even in the worst mortgage market in history. While many mortgage companies ventured out into loss mitigation, credit repair, real estate, or loan modifications, Home Financing Inc. remained dedicated to mortgage financing and prospered. In doing so, it has developed a streamlined mortgage process staffed by the top mortgage professionals in the industry.

Clients and business partners rave about Home Financing’s customer Service, compassion, and mastery of its trade.

Home Financing Inc. does one thing better than anyone else an it’s all in the name – Home Financing!!!

Dustin Sanders – Director and Associate Broker

Dustin Sanders has been a leader in the financial industry for 15 years and has spent the last 13 years as a mortgage banker. After becoming a broker in 2008, Dustin founded Elevated Financial, a boutique, referral based Mortgage Company focused on servicing both Realtors and the Financial Advisory market. From 2009 to 2011, Dustin also worked as a consultant with a large mortgage company to develop their reverse mortgage division. He has remained a top Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator since 2009 and consistently is in the top 1% of Loan Originators across the country.

Dustin joined Home Financing Inc. in 2011 as an Associate Broker and has consistently been the top producer within the company every year. During his time at Home Financing Inc., Dustin has been instrumental in developing their Realtor Outreach Program, as well as leading their community outreach programs to Financial Advisors, CPAs, Insurance Agents and Charities.

The mortgage process requires commitment, attention to detail, patience, and perhaps more than anything, customer service. With Dustin, you can expect honesty with the highest degree of integrity. This type of support means you will always have someone available to provide you with the utmost care and attention. Because of Dustin’s experience, efficient service & competitive edge, it is easy to understand why he has consistently remained at the top of his industry.


“Preparation is the Key to Success” Alexander Graham Bell

Home Financing has developed a detailed, robust process to ensure that our client’s loan closes. Whether it is a purchase or a refinance, the quality of the process is directly correlated to the level of success. The upfront process at Home Financing is, admittedly, more robust than most other lender. However, thanks to this, our clients have a smooth and painless loan process knowing that their loan will close.


This differs from many other mortgage companies. We do not want your social security number upfront to run your credit or credit card for an application fee. Their goal is to get to know you and your family. Only by understanding our clients can we craft for them the loan that will best suit their needs.


The loan application helps us to understand your financial situation as well as allows us to determine what your key goals are for the loan. This usually takes about 20 minute and is done over the phone or in person.


In this day and age of mortgage financing, everything on an application must be documented and verified. For this reason, we request all client documents up front. This allows us to ensure that the underwriter has all the required information and always results in a clean approval.


Home Financing boasts a 98% closing ratio. This is only possible due to the superior effort upfront and highly trained staff. Every loan is pre-underwritten prior to being submitted to underwriting. Without this extra step, many loans would end up denied in the underwriting process.


Personalized Service

Home Financing does not operate in a call center environment

24/7 Access – Emails forward to banker cell phones and you will have Bankers cell phone number.

Direct Lender and Broker

Every loan is different so having a variety of financing channels empowers our bankers with the flexibility to find the right loan for any client.


The products offered in the marketplace have become standard. However, understanding product guidelines and structuring the ideal loan is as much art as science. With years of experience and 1000’s of funded loans, their team will craft a custom tailored “Best Loan”.

Home Financing Inc. is a direct lender that boasts a record 8 calendar day close on a purchase with most loans ready to close in 17 days. Both clients and business partners rave about Home Financing’s expertise, customer service and mastery of its trade. Home Financing Inc. does one thing better than anyone else and it’s all in the name!!

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